Coffee etiquette

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Yes, there is a precise way to serve or enjoy coffee according to the etiquette.

Nobody is going to complain as long as the coffee is good but I believe that attention to the details is one of the most important things in this industry.

It might be also useful to know the etiquette to impress an important guest in your home.



I know is not fair for left handed people but the majority of your customers are right handed.

Spoon and handle of the cup. They both goes on the right of the customer, so whenever you serve the coffee (counter or table) make sure that customer won’t need to turn the cup.

Espresso goes always with some water, it is necessary to clean the mouth before enjoying the coffee (some people like it after to clean the mouth and leave a soft aftertaste of coffee)

Cup must be hot before pouring the coffe, but not too hot to burn customer’s lips.



Coffee is not wine, don’t swirl it.

Don’t stir it, mix it from top to bottom and don’t make noise in the process.

Don’t lick the spoon.

Don’t leave your little finger straight while you sip it (yes, I know, even Mary Poppins was doing that…).

No noice while sipping it.



Never serve coffee at the dining table, always in the living room where your guests can be more comfortable.

Prepare all the necessary on a tray (cream, milk, sugar) and bring it in the living room.

Spoon and handle of the cup, always at the right of the guest.

If you have a moka, a French press or any brewing system that can be moved to the living room than pour it straight in front of the guests.

If you have a coffee machine in the kitchen heat up the cups in the oven (warm, they don’t have to reach the temperature of the sun) than prepare the coffee in the kitchen.

Sugar is always add by the host, according to the requests of the guest.


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